PPC Bulldogs – Healthy, joyful, playful and beautiful

Retired dogs


Multichampion A´Vigdors Rhithm and Blues ( jolly)
Born 2008
Jolly is father to our C, D, F, G, H Litter
We have frozen semen from him to be used later in our breeding program.
Jolly is Living a great otiom with our daughter Anne together with Inca ( Trille)


Great Amstaff´s Frenchie Versace ( Rulle)
Born 2010
Rulle is mother to our A, B, E and F litter
She is with us Living her otium.


Co Di CheFays Inca Indiana ( Trille)
Born 2011
Trille is mother to our C and G litter
She is Living her otium at our daughters Annes house with Jolly.


Born to be Loved Angie ( Delle)
Born 2012
Delle is mother to our D litter
She is Living her otium at our friend Tanjas house together with her son Peanut.


Garcon At Angel Heart ( Beefy)
Born 2010
Beefy is father to our A litter
He is Living his otium here with us.


Ma Songeri Oberon Frustyles ( Bummi)
Born 2011
Bummi is father to our B litter
He is Living his otium with Bettina and Jacob


PPC Bulls Boogie
Born 2013
Mother to our H, L and P litter
Boogie is living with us.