PPC Bulldogs – Healthy, joyful, playful and beautiful


PPC Bul´s Hottie is studded with Haquila Alano Le Petit Favorie from our friend in Holland.


Puppies PPC Buldogs


We have his sister Happy Hazel and we have followed him since he was a puppy. A very outgoing male with super Health, very high Endurance and lots of will to please.

We know around Christmas if she is pregnant.

We await still Happy Hazle and Irma to enter heat.

Irma will be studd with a new male that comes to us here in December.

When you buy a puppy from us:

You will get a very high socialised puppy trained correct to be housebroken.

The pups are born and raised in the middle of the house and is Integrated in the flock as soon as they are 3-4 weeks, which gives them a very good first inprinting of good manners with other dogs.

All puppies are pre xrayed for spine deformities at 7,5 weeks old.

All pups have their 1. vaccine before they leave us..

With the pup comes food for at least 2 months, toys, collar and leash, blanket.

Dkk contract and ofcourse pedigree.

We are keeping much contact the first year to support with all the questions that always come.

We are always just a phonecall away and stand behind you in every situation.

When you get a puppy from us, we give you our Work, and this work we want to follow so we expect our owners to come to our annual meeting here, which is big time fun for both humans and dogs.

On our facebook profile you can find albums to all the meetings we had.