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About us

Dedication passion for creating quality.

We have decided to keep our PPC kennelname, since many recognize this name as quality, passion and seriousity with the breed and this we would like to forward to the french bulldogs.

We have bred more than 50 champions, 2 Worldchampions, European Champions and several working- and huntingdogs. We exported to more than 25 different countries, we were pioneers in the breed to make healthtesting of compleete litters and started a long statistic of baertested dogs and chanced the deafness in the breed signicficiantly.

Besides having dogos and french bulldogs, we have since 1999 Splidholm Hundepension a boarding kennel for dogs.

In 2010 the danish goverment banned our beloved breed and left us devestated. Our passion was taken away from us – taken away by politicians who never met a Dogo, who just wanted to cover the needs of the press hungry for a victim, the Dogo was never involved in any kind of accidents here in Denmark.

During our many travels abroad we met the french bulldog and we agreed in getting some the day we got old….but that long we did not wait.

We have now in 2018 made 16 litters since 2010 and we have xrayed now full litters to get a good statistic over the breeding material, as the french bulldog is not a breed without problems. We use the Australian Bulldog Clubs guidance how to judge the spine and we can see it matters.

The more you know about your dogs the more you can select and change.

Our main goal with the frenchie is first of foremost the health and to find good lifelong owners who will join us in our breeding and healthtesting program with their dog. We stand behind our owners as life long support. We show our dogs with pride and so far we are doing fine. All our dogs are beloved family dogs, all dogs live and are raised in the middle of the family. Socialising puppies and making them ready for their new life is a passion for us. Feel free to contact us for more info.

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Please feel free to contact us for more information.